how to disable fun facts tips and tricks on the lock screen in windows 11?

Click the Windows icon, then click the Settings icon.Alternatively, use the Windows+i hotkey to open the Settings menu. If you aren’t sure whether you’re within the 10-day grace period, click theWindowsicon, then typeReset. If the “Go back” box is grayed out, then you will need to go through the rollback process manually.

Since Xbox is a Microsoft product, it makes sense that their latest version of Windows includes Xbox features for PC gamers. Like the current version of Task Manager, the new version can also display the same set of screens, such as Processes, Performance, App history, Startup apps, Users, Details, and services. Windows 11 version 22H2 aka Sun Valley 2 is set to launch later this year.

Moom also allows you to split your screen on your Mac into quadrants, resizing windows and placing them in the top and bottom corners on both the left and the right. Press and hold the option key to view these options, then hover over the green window button. Press any of the shown icons in the Moom drop-down menu to resize your windows accordingly. By default, windows using the split view feature will share the screen equally.

Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

Things could get even more confusing once the company flips the switch to make “S mode” a feature instead of its own OS. One disclaimer is that this check works as intended in my environment . But an end-user has reported that the check is not download reliable, I have not been able to validate if the end-user actually run 10 S or just think he does.

  • You should be careful with REG files, especially if they don’t come from a trusted source, as they can be used maliciously.
  • If there are specific apps you need but they aren’t on the Windows Store, Windows 10 S/10 in S mode gives you the option to switch to the full version of Windows 10.
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My three-year-old Surface laptop doesn’t make the grade, because the Core i5 chip is unsuitable. But that doesn’t mean that it is incapable of running Windows 11. Microsoft has hard requirements and soft requirements, and the list of supported chips recognised by the Health Check app has a bit of wriggle room, apparently. Big talk for what some have considered a non-essential upgrade.

Method 1 of 3:Using the Setup Key

And you almost certainly know that this is the only report of that having happened that most of us have ever seen. That’s not doubting the truth of it, but it is saying that it’s an exceedingly rare occurrence. I can’t find any reference to that on a Google search. ALL over Microsoft’s sites it says “No way to go back to S Mode, even after reinstall.” Except, it can put itself back into S Mode after a few days… Buy a copy of Win 10 Pro and nuke it, see above about the LOB app. Or tell the client to return the laptop and get a real Windows machine.

How to Change OneDrive Account, Location in Widows 10

You can find the manual installation instructions for Windows 11 at Microsoft’s official Windows 11 download center. And heading into the future in Windows 11 22H2, Windows will have a “Focus Session” ability right in your notification center. This helps you listen to music and book a certain time each day of the week to relax and unwind, ensuring you’re always productive no matter what. The changes I mentioned so far are just the beginning of what makes Windows 11 different. In a big change from Windows 10, Microsoft tweaked the Notification Center and introduced a Quick Settings panel.