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MiniTool ShadowMaker offers you straightforward and efficient solutions to deal with all kinds of backup tasks link including partition backup, file backup, system backup and disk backup. It also allows you to perform recovery solutions. After you have successfully fixed the problem, it is highly recommended that you make a backup of your computer.

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Set Correct Time: How To Synchronize Your Clock In Windows 10 With A Time Server

Here’s how to use the CHKDSK command to check and fix disk errors. Like bootrec and sfc, the DISM tool is a command-line utility, dism. You can use DISM to mount and service Windows images, including Windows image files and virtual hard disks. The DISM tool comes with Windows and is also distributed as part of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit. In addition to configuring Windows features and settings, you can use DISM to repair a Windows image, both offline and online.

Although these utilities can make the Windows registry clean, the overall potential benefits are greatly outweighed by the potential harm they could cause. We suggest users do not install or use Windows registry cleaners on their Windows computers. Registry cleaners are designed to help remove invalid references in the Windows registry which point to a resource which no longer exists on the computer.

Reconnect storage device hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD)

It is important to clean up the Windows Registry not only when you have malware, but also when you see unwanted programs on your computer. A cleaning will revert any modified settings and may make your computer a little safer. We recommend you to do it on a regular basis, especially if you have been using your operating system for quite a while.

However, they are not perfect and can possibly delete entries that are required for Windows or a program to run, leading to corrupt windows or programs. Windows offer users a reset function which can reset PC. After users choose to keep their files or remove everything, this function will basically reinstall Windows. This process may fix broken registry items error. Refer to the post to check how to fix broken registry items by resetting Windows system. This was the tutorial on how to fix broken registry items windows 10.


We will be sure to look at it again and see if we can help. In addition to cleaning your registry, we’ll also remove unnecessary files, unwanted apps, and old cache files to free up gigabytes of space. Even after you remove malicious software, dangerous traces can get left behind.