Roasted Cornish Game Hens with Orange Teriyaki Sauce

It looks so festive and must be delicious. I totally could’ve used this the past 10 years or so! There’s just 3 of us, and I’m the weirdo who doesn’t like turkey . I’ve just been buying split turkey breasts & roasting one of those.

  • One usually served 1 – 2 people depending on how hungry or large they are.
  • In total, it takes close to 2 hours to roast four 1-pound Cornish hens.
  • These small hens are full of flavor, and are perfect individual or fancy family dinner.

Do not, repeat do not deviate from the recipe or the brining of these tasty birds. I use my charcoal grill rotisserie and they come out perfect every time. Removing the chicken without altering the presentation can be tricky. The chicken will need to rest after cooking. If you are having trouble removing the chicken with tongs , you can always allow the chicken to cool some and then remove it with your hands.

Step 1: rub the game hens

You’ll want to cook the chicken on High Pressure for 30 minutes, instead of 25. This extended cook time ensures your hen is cooked all the way through. It’s a breed of chicken that originated in England and is produced from a cross between the Cornish and White Plymouth Rock chicken breeds. They are also sometimes called Rock Cornish game hens and are mostly sold in packs of two.

Tender, juicy, and flavorful – perfect for your next dinner party! For the sauce, cook bacon in the same pan until crisp. Add garlic and cook over medium heat, 1 minute. Deglaze pan with wine, scraping up any browned bits; simmer until reduced to 1 Tbsp.

Pat the hens dry with paper towels and generously season with the dry rub both inside and out. Whenever I come across beautiful Cornish hens like these, I just can’t help myself but buy a few. They’re just as easy to roast as a chicken, but the serving is even easier. All you have to do is slice them hen in half, and voila! You have 2 servings ready to go without any messy carving.

For the orange sauce:

Threw in a turnip and some brussel sprouts with everything else and it worked. The temperature for the hens doesn’t seem right and I stuck with the suggestion of 375, but needed more time Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie – Cooking Games for the hens to cook through. Will definitely make again; nice, simple and delicious. I only have one roasting pan, and when I made this recipe, I had a Turkey in it.

The intense, aromatic flavor of cooked garlic is so delicious. Minced garlic clove as part of the seasoning which I rub into the meat. You’ll be able to fool your dinner party guests into thinking you “roasted” that chicken for hours. The magic of Instant Pot means a full “roast” will take under an hour using the pressure cook method. If you want to reduce the saturated fat in this recipe, a handy replacement for the chicken stock gravy is pressure cooking the hen in water instead.

It’s an easy Cornish game hen recipe and adaptable for pretty much any assortment of ingredients. I just love the spring vibe this combination has for this time of year. Thanks for your comment, you can definitely reduce your cooking time or rest time if you like.